Thinking of a Beach Wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe?


Unity Sand Ceremony and Unity Sand Sets

There’s something very special about being outdoors here, having a gentle Tahoe breeze wash over you and your guests. It’s very magical. Lake Tahoe weddings are uniquely suited for the Unity Sand Ceremony.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a beautiful way to add meaning to your wedding vows. Your guests will be touched as well watching you and your beloved pour colored sands into your Unity Vase against your stunning Lake Tahoe backdrop.

Using different colored sands, the bride and groom each take turns filling a Unity Vase as they recite their chosen vows. The sand colors can be coordinated with your home décor, chosen based on colors you love personally or for any other special reason that is meaningful to you. At the end of the ceremony, the vase is taken home and sits atop a shelf, a table or a mantle, beautifully symbolizing the start of your new life together.

Our gorgeous Lake Tahoe outdoors and the Unity Sand Ceremony are a natural together – Highly recommended.

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Unity Sand Ceremony Vows for Couple

“Today, (bride’s name) and (groom’s name), have chosen to commemorate their marriage through the celebration of the Sand Ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes the inseparable union of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) into a new and eternal marital relationship. Bride and Groom will simultaneously pour separate containers of sand into a common vessel. Each grain of sand in their separate containers represents a unique and separate moment, decision, feeling or event that helped shaped (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) into the separate and unique individuals that they are today. As they pour their separate containers of sand into a common vessel, those separate and independent individuals will cease to exist. Instead they will merge into a loving and supportive marital community. (bride’s name) and (groom’s name), just as the grains of sand can never be separated into their individual containers again, so will your marriage be.”

A Special Way to Honor Your Blended Family

The Family Unity Ceremony is a modified version of the Unity Sand Ceremony. This ceremony can include children and other members of your new blended family and creates a treasured Unity Vase filled with many colors.

It’s not uncommon for either the bride or groom to have children and the Family Unity Ceremony is perfect for when children are part of the picture. Children are especially drawn to using sand to symbolize the loving union of their new Mom and Dad.

Family Unity Sand Ceremony Vows

“Now we will celebrate the creation of a family. The (three/four/etc) vials of sand here represent (bride’s name), (groom’s name), and (child/children/family members). As each pours in the sands, they show how the individual colors create a beautiful masterpiece of love and mutual respect. Just as the sands are forever intermixed, so are the lives of the people being celebrated today. As we join this couple in marriage, we are also reminded of the significant role that (child/children/family members) play in this marriage. Today a new unified life is shared within this family.”

Unity Sand Ceremony sets

The Unity sets below are popular choices, offered here as a convenience for our couples. Feel free to acquire & bring your own a Unity Sand Ceremony set, one that is just right for you and your betrothed. The Reverend will be prepared to lead you through your romantic sand ceremony and vows. If you would like us to order one of our sets for you and have it here waiting for your event, please inquire with the Reverend.

Double Hearts Unity Sand Set   

One of the most popular Unity Sand Ceremony Vases is the Double Hearts Sand Ceremony Kit

More practical than candles for an outdoor wedding, this sand kit symbolizes two lives becoming one in commitment as each of you pours a portion of sand into the central vase.

Kit includes a 9″ x 3″ cylinder with a white linked hearts imprint and three 7.5 x 1.75″ cylinders. The third vase may be used by your officiant to begin the ceremony or could be used by a child in a family ceremony. The center vase is also available engraved with your names and wedding date. Colored sand is also available.   

Blended Family Set

The Blended Family Unity Sand Set, the shape of these eye-catching Family Sand Ceremony Miniature Nesting Vases represent lives that have become forever interwoven in a nest of love and security.

These extra vases serve as a heartfelt way to include your children in a blended family wedding ceremony through complementary colors of unity sand.  Buy the blended family set here    

The vases of the Personalized Sand Ceremony Unity Kit most closely resemble the traditional Unity Candle in shape and appearance, and a small candle can be placed in them if you desire after the sand is poured. Lovely… hand-blown glass and personal engravings.

Unlike the more traditional unity candle ceremony, this unique memento of the day your lives merged is perfectly suited to our outdoor and beach weddings, and the luxurious sand that comes with the set matches perfectly to the color of the beautiful lakeshore.

The Personalized Sand Ceremony can be personalized with you and your groom’s names and the date of your nuptials.

Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set

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The Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set is one of the most breathtaking sand ceremony vases available…

This 6-piece set includes a heart shaped bottle with glass stopper, 2 large heart vases, 1 small heart vase and 1 metal display stand. The Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set will be a beautiful, intensely romantic display piece on your mantle or in your display case, and will serve as a completely unique memento of the day that your lives were joined.

Colored sands are ideal for a beach or outdoor wedding, and you can choose the colors that best suit your personality, home decor, or wedding theme and colors.

You can personalize your Heart-shaped unity sand ceremony vase by engraving it with your initials, names, or any other special message you choose. This set also includes a glass stopper to help keep your precious keepsake intact when transporting it after the ceremony.