Lake Tahoe Weddings – Ideas for a green Wedding


Planning an Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Author: Lynn Lopez

Nowadays, the world is keen on going green, and nearly every aspect of life has the potential to be done in a better, more environmentally friendly way. Weddings are one of these aspects, and if you’re interested in living a greener lifestyle, then having an eco-friendly wedding should be on your list of things to do. A green wedding won’t just save the planet, it can also help you stay within your wedding budget as well. Here are just a few tips you can incorporate in your plans to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Go electronic with your invitations.

Instead of having your wedding invitations printed out by the hundreds—and usually, the invitation itself consists of lots of extra materials and decorations—you can keep it simple by sending a mass e-mail instead to serve as your wedding invitation. It probably seems too informal, but think of it as a practical option. Not only will you save money, you can also keep paper waste from accumulating. After all, not everybody keeps the invitations they receive.

Support your local florist.

It sounds glamorous to have your wedding flowers shipped from some faraway countryside, or even country, but imagine all the carbon emissions being generated simply from having your flowers delivered. Not only would it be more eco-friendly to use local flowers, you’re also supporting local businesses.

Pick a green wedding gown.

Not the color, mind you. A green wedding gown is made of organic, fair-trade, and sustainably produced and harvested materials. If you want to be even greener, recycle a wedding dress. For example, use your mother’s wedding gown and have it altered or reworked.

Don’t take the wedding to a distant place.

Destination weddings may be fun, but flying somewhere to get married — and having your guests go all the way to the venue — isn’t the most eco-friendly option. If you really must have a destination wedding, keep your guest list small and consider offsetting by purchasing carbon credits.

Have the wedding during daytime.

This ensures that you won’t be needing any lights and helps you reduce electricity use.

Choose fuel-free transportation options.

Instead of rolling to the venue in a car, why not have a horse-drawn carriage take you to the wedding? Don’t forget to look into other innovative ways to get to the ceremony and the reception without burning fuel. You can also encourage your guests to carpool to the wedding. You should also look up car rental companies in your area which offers a fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Have an organic spread.

Consider having locally-grown organic food served during your reception, or even lessening the amount of meat dishes. Also, instead of hiring a caterer from outside your town or city, look into local caterers to reduce your big day’s carbon footprint.