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Beach Weddings

Have you dreamt of having a wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe? We can provide everything you need for a formal or casual beach wedding! Sites include: Regan Beach, Zephyr Cove, Logan Shoals Beach, The Beach Retreat & Lodge

Weddings with Views

Gorgeous views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe and your beloved will be your setting. Our favourite location (one of the most photographed locations in the world!) is Emerald Bay on the south shore of Lake Tahoe.

Chapel Weddings

Love Tahoe but you want a more traditional ceremony? We have a lovely wedding chapel with all of the Tahoe rustic charm to complete your special day. The chapel seats up to 50 guests and you can book the banquet room for small receptions too.

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Outdoor, Beach & Chapel Lake Tahoe weddings

Spectacular year-round, Lake Tahoe offers stunning natural surroundings that enhance the romance and beauty of your wedding day. There are several Lake Tahoe wedding locations and ceremony venues for you to choose from.

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Be it the alpine white of winter, golden autumn meadows, lush mountain springtime, or the clear skies of Tahoe summer, the lake always affords a magical, enchanting setting for your wedding day. Lake Tahoe's amazing scenery leaves you with no questions as to why the Native Americans named Lake Tahoe "Lake of the Sky". Browse our Lake Tahoe wedding packages and start planning now!

What a fantastic way to start your marriage and new life together!

"The Lake burst upon us — a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the sea, and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft full three thousand feet higher still! It was a vast oval, and one would have to use up eighty or a hundred good miles in traveling around it. As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”

- Mark Twain

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After your Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities the Tahoe basin has to offer.

For those who enjoy mountain climbing, biking, kayaking, fishing and skiing, no where in California or Nevada can you find such an array of outdoor sports for you and your wedding party and guests.

Do you need flowers, photos, minister, cake, champagne?

Don't worry! It can all be arranged to make your day exactly what you dream of.

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We can even create a custom YouTube Video of your wedding that can be shared with friends and family.

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