Have an Honeymoon in Sardinia , Italy if you need to get away from it all and Tahoe is not far enough away!


Most of the people from Italy do think Sardinia is a “summer only holiday land”, loosing the best that our island can offer during the other seasons but as a matter of fact, Sardinia gives the best in other seasons, when the island is not crowded and the local people are more available. Also the climate does actually exalt the perfumes of the earth since March in June and from September to the first of November.

Is therefore during spring and autumn that in Sardinia you can find the most romantic atmospheres, and if you are not looking for the classical hotels, holiday farms with their lodgings can really give you the best accommodation for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Many Holiday farm in Sardinia or as better known in Italian, agriturismo in Sardegna, are placed in natural parks, not far from the sea, and offer several services, like trekking activities, sailing activities and a restaurant service, heating the atmosphere with a warm and family reception.

If you fancy natural contests in natural parks, where the only noise you can hear is the “sound of silence”, Sardinia is the right place for a stay, as many places in Sardinia preserve intact the same charm of centuries ago.

Lodgings are often following the traditional local style, like the way of cooking with the home made pasta or other traditional foods.

But how to reach Sardinia? There are different ways, or with flights or with ferries.


By flight, the cheapest company in Europe are:

From London to Cagliari EasyJet
From London to Alghero Ryan Air
From London to Olbia EasyJet
From Frankfurt to Alghero Ryan Air
From Colonia to Olbia HLX
From Hannover to Olbia HLX
From Stoccarda to Olbia HLX
From Barcellona to Alghero Ryan Air
From Berlin to Olbia HLX/ EasyJet
From Munich to Olbia HLX



Once you are in Sardinia, the best thing to do is to rent a car to travel around and to visit the most beautiful places.

You would be surprised to see how much affordable is an honeymoon in Sardinia, one of the tourist places more aspired in the Mediterranean.
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