Preparing for Exciting Honeymoon Travel in Lake Tahoe or beyond


Getting married is one of life’s most memorable experiences, but it is also a time that can test even the most even minded person’s patience. That is why there is the honeymoon after. The honeymoon is the time for the newly wedded couple to relax and be happy living the married life before going back to the real world.

Preparing for your honeymoon can be almost as trying as the planning for the wedding itself. There are so many destinations and sights to see, selecting one; staying within a reasonable budge; and making all the before, during and after preparations can make planning even more complicated.

Tips to help make the honeymoon planning process go a little smoother:

  • Choosing a Honeymoon: Choosing a honeymoon can be such a difficult task when there are so many options to choose from. The Love Tripper has a good list of honeymoon types the happy couple can choose from. This would be a great time for the bride and groom to sit down together and narrow down the choices so they can have a honeymoon they both can enjoy.
  • Honeymoon Packing: Packing for any vacation can be a hassle. No one quite knows what to bring or leave behind. Having a packing list can be very helpful to ensure that all the essentials are packed without having too much and not forgetting anything important as well. This list is especially helpful now that the Airports now have a limit on the number of bag each person can have and a limit on the weight.
  • Cruise Travel: Honeymooning on a cruise can be very relaxing. Many people choose this as a great way to experience the ultimate travel experience because of the beautiful scenery and the relaxing nature of it. When choosing cruise travel , make sure to book in advance to ensure the best cabin available and don’t forget that there are many types of cruises available, so shop around.
  • Taking the Kids with: Many newly wed couples are booking honeymoon vacations with children, especially those that are blending families. Taking the children can be a great time for bonding and coming together as one family. This will also give the new siblings a chance to bond as well as the new parents with the children.
  • A Quiet Romantic Time: On the other hand even couples with children should consider taking a honeymoon alone. Honeymoons, after all, are the foundation of your romantic future and should be the time when the two of you relax and luxuriate alone in beautiful, peaceful surroundings to plan your future, relax after the hectic pace of your wedding and get to know each other before you rejoin the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Perhaps even travel to parts of the world you would otherwise not think of, such as Australia where a variety of romantic destinations in beautiful, out of the way places wait to entice you.

Planning for the honeymoon can be a bit of a task but as long as you plan ahead, making all the right preparations, all will be sure to go smoothly and be a fun and e