Coordinating a Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding


A wedding is supposed to be one of the most beautiful events of a person’s lifetime. Whether it’s your wedding or you are helping with the planning of one, Lake Tahoe provides a beautiful, one-of-a-kind location with incredible views, and the ability to create powerful memories. If you want to make this wedding something a little more special than the typical wedding, Tahoe may be the place to go!

Lake Tahoe is quite simply a natural wonder. Where else in the world can you ski down a 4000 foot vertical slope overlooking a giant lake in the morning and gamble in the evening? Your guests will be amazed by the beauty of the mountains that surround the glassy waters of Lake Tahoe. Your guests will thank you too! They’ll get to attend a great wedding and go on vacation. Lake Tahoe also offers all the necessary professional services for weddings including florists, photographers, caterers and reception sites. Lake Tahoe also offers many different types of accommodations, from first class resorts to spectacular cabins overlooking the lake. Lake Tahoe weddings are fun!

When planning your Lake Tahoe wedding you might want to get some assistance from a coordinator that knows the area and can work with you from start to finish. A good consultant will not only help you select the right location but they will attend to all your needs, including everything from determining the ceremony site to the decorations at the reception.

Duties of the coordinator:

  • Assistance in finding the perfect location for your ceremony and reception.
  • Assistance in finding vendors who suit your budget and needs.
  • Understanding your vision and helping to create your wedding day as planned.
  • Create the agenda for your wedding day and events leading up to it for your guests.
  • Confirm with all vendors the timing for the wedding day.
  • Remind client of any final payments due prior to the event.
  • Assist with the rehearsal if required.
  • Confirm last minute changes.
  • Assist clients on the day of the wedding, including music coordination, and assisting bride attendants and groomsmen to their appointed positions.
  • Final touches to bride before she walks down the aisle.
  • Watch over the event to ensure event is going as planned.
  • Final assistance to make sure all items such as toasting glasses, guest book and other items have been taken care of.
  • Final tipping or payment to vendors who require payment at the end of the event.
  • Giving you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the day and not work it!

Lake Tahoe weddings can be spectacular, just make sure you plan it the right way! That way, you can focus on your soon spouse-to-be.