Beautiful Lake Tahoe: A Wedding Day You’ll Always Remember


Native American Indians considered it a spiritual and holy place, calling it the “Lake in the Clouds.” Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it each year and marvel at the scale and natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. And, some happy couples choose Lake Tahoe as the back drop for the most important day of their life.

A Lake Tahoe wedding is a beautiful way to start your life together or an ideal spot to renew your wedding vows or celebrate an anniversary. It has 4 breathtaking seasons, it can be mystical, romantic, spiritual, ethereal, rustic, challenging, colorful, moody, and when the mist settles on the water in late afternoon you may think it’s heaven.

If you’ve made your decision to hold your ceremony in Lake Tahoe, you may want to start your planning by selecting a local wedding planning service to make your arrangements and help you plan the ceremony of your dreams.

Whether you’d like help in finding a location or have already selected a site for your wedding, you’ll find that working with a professional wedding planner will reduce stress by giving you more free time to enjoy your special day and leave the work to someone else. So whether your dream is to have a sunset ceremony on the beach of Lake Tahoe in the summer, a picturesque mountain-top renewal ceremony set among the golden aspen trees or an adventurous sporty wedding on a snowy ski slope, you’ll be assured that your day will be perfectly planned for you.

You may even find that you are saving money since professional wedding planners often have their own contacts and can make cost saving deals on transportation, photography, and flowers that persons outside the wedding planning industry don’t have access to. Be direct and open when discussing your wedding budget and you will assure that your wedding day will become the dream you hoped for.