Items a Parent Should Always Pack When Going on their Honeymoon


Honeymooning is one of the most exciting yet feared times in a parents life. On the plus side you just got married and get to take your first vacation with your spouse and explore a new exotic place for a few days. You will be alone with your family.

The hard part is keeping everyone happy enough to enjoy it. It is hard if not impossible to predict all the problems that you may encounter on your trip, but you can prepare for some of the more common problems by packing some basic necessities.

Prescriptions and Medicine: Anyone in your family with allergies, or some other illness will obviously need to have their medicine accessible. If you are flying, be sure to find out if you can take that particular prescription on the plane with you. If you cannot bring it with you then see if you can make arrangements to pick some up at your destination or mail it to your hotel room and it will be waiting for you when you get there.

You are also going to need some generic medicines such as pain relievers for headaches and minor aches and pains. Depending on where you are going you may need to bring some cold medicine, however cold medicine should be fairly cheap where ever you go.

Be careful when saying, “I will pick that up when I get there” because where you are going is most likely considered a tourist attraction. Tourist attractions are just like music venues or amusement parks in that everything they have to sell there is over priced because of the location. This is especially true for necessities like suntan lotion in tropical locations, as you are going to need it and will pay for it regardless of the price.

Clothing: If you are going to a wintry area then you will need very thick clothing and a jacket or two. Boots and other winter accessories may be necessary depending on where you are going. You will also want to pack a few light weight article of clothes as you will be inside for at least a portion of your trip and do not want to be to hot.

On the other hand, a tropical climate will require shorts, t-shirts, possibly sandals, sunglasses and a hat. Again, however you will want to pack at least one or two heavy articles of clothes like a sweat shirt for any cold days you encounter.

Video Games, Movies and DVD Players: If you are traveling with a child you may want to invest in a DVD player or a hand held video game system as it will keep them occupied while traveling. It will also allow you and your spouse to have some alone time.

You have to have these items in your baggage: Some of the most commonly forgotten items.

  1. Toothbrush: Many people forget to bring their toothbrush when traveling. This is not to big a deal as a toothbrush is cheap and easy to get, however you may end up with a large pile of toothbrushes after a few vacations..
  2. oothpaste / Soap: If you use any sort of special toothpaste (whitening), soap brand, shampoo or conditioner you will want to bring it with you. Sure you can pick some up when you get there as the price will most likely be similar as it is back home, but do you really want to carry a new bottle back home with you.
  3. Batteries: If traveling with electronics you are going to need back up batteries at some point. Save yourself a trip to the store during your vacation by picking up and packing batteries before you leave your home.
  4. Battery Chargers: Your electronics may be useless if you do not have a charger so be sure to pack it. Also make sure that the correct outlets are available as some countries electrical outlets differ in design.

Your honeymoon should be one of the best times of your life, even if you have to keep other members of the family happy while you are traveling. This is why preparation is the key, and if you keep the above items in mind, you should have no problems conquering any obstacle that stands in your way.

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