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2019 Wedding Trends – Add a Little Trendy Flare to Your Big Day!

Start Your Life Together with a Little Fun

 Smoke Bomb Exits

“Smoke bombs have become a major wedding trend in the past couple of years, and the color and texture they can add to wedding photos are details that some couples and photographers absolutely love.

If you’re considering setting up a photo shoot with a smoke bomb, or bringing them into your wedding day in some other way, here’s everything you need to know.” more > 

Wedding Invitations Are Creative and Unique This Year

“2019 will offer couples the most options for wedding invitations ever in history, which is pretty amazing when you consider that it was only a couple of decades ago where the invitations were basic black and white (which is timeless, but not perfect for every couple) and nothing else. Now, fast forward to today where the number of stationery possibilities is mind boggling for engaged newbies. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. Here are the four of the hottest trends hitting the invitation industry.”  >> more

It’s the Year of the Casual Wedding!

“A memorable big day, super-stunning wedding decor, and a festive reception don’t have to come with all of the formality of a traditional black-tie wedding.

A casual celebration can still boast all the fun and beautiful details of a formal affair, but without any of the stuffiness. Instead, casual weddings put the emphasis on fun and allow for couples to express their laid-back style” more >

Private Wedding Vows

“You don’t have to make a heartfelt speech at the altar if that doesn’t sound like your jam.

Instead, you and your partner can enjoy private vows—where you simply read your vows to each other (like you would at the altar) in privacy prior to the ceremony, or write each other letters with your vows in them that you can read separately while getting ready (this is ideal if you’re not having a first look).

Then, you can say standard vows at your ceremony. ” more >