Lake of the Sky Wedding

Six reasons for a Tahoe winter wedding

Get Married in Tahoe  – Have a Winter Wedding

1. The price is right:- Wedding locations quickly become booked solid through Tahoe’s summer months, which means your dream venue may be unavailable for a year or more. By planning a winter wedding, you’re far more likely to secure the venue you want, the date that you want, without peak season prices.

2. Color comes to life:- Winter’s snowy bare branches and blankets of white provide an ideal canvas for bold splashes of color. Bright and deep accent hues pop while soft pastels such as “tiffany blue”  look ethereal when contrasted against a snowy landscape. Incorporate nature’s best in your theme. Consider a chocolate brown Tahoe pine-cone motif, or weave winter wonderland symbolism throughout the event.

3. Embrace layers of love:- Gorgeous fabrics deemed too weighty for summer – such as sophisticated silk satins and heavy lace – become luxurious possibilities in winter. Look beautiful, but stay warm by wearing a dress with sleeves, or a donning a decorative coat or jacket. 
A winter wedding is a fabulous opportunity to not only wear a stunning dress but to consider layering. Adding a bridal jacket to your ensemble essentially gives you two looks [wear your jacket outdoors and remove it for your reception].Winter brides should have fun with a cover-up or faux fur wrap. Winter Brides can pair a simple gown with a shrug embellished with ruffles or strong detailing.’

4. Picture this:- The Tahoe winter sets the stage for stunning wedding photos. From Mount Tallac to Heavenly Mountain many of our mountain ranges are snow-covered, and the South Shore’s magnificent vistas also make particularly breathtaking backdrops. Winter’s overcast weather creates flattering, ambient lighting. Plus, you don’t have to worry about squinting into the sun during the portrait session. 
The North shore experiences more rainfall in winter than any other season so if you’re planning outdoor photos, have an indoor back-up plan.

5. They’re all yours:- There are fewer public holidays during the cold months – which is ideal if you’re planning a multi-day event, as your guests’ accommodation options are likely to be plentiful and more budget-friendly. Furthermore, your wedding is unlikely to clash with your guests’ own holiday-weekend plans. Even boutique luxury accommodations may have reduced room rates during November, so you can get luxe for less. However, if you’re planning a ski resort wedding, you’ll be competing for space with thousands of snow-goers, so you’ll need to book accommodation well in advance.

6. Pamper party:- If hitting the bars in town seems a little ‘been there, done that’ for your hen party, suggest to your bridesmaids that they make the most of winter by embracing the season.
Why not pack up and head off to the mountains for a ski/snowboard weekend? By organizing a group lesson for newbies even the most timid snow bunnies can enjoy hitting the slopes. If pampering is more your thing, what better place to kick back in winter than the hot springs?