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Tahoe Winter Wedding Tips and Ideas

Winter weddings at Lake Tahoe can be breathtaking; large snow flakes falling in a winter landscape with the bride and groom surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevadas and the crystal blue waters of Tahoe. Not all brides long to be a June bride with a warm summer setting. Some couples dream of having their wedding take place in a winter wonderland high in the mountains. If you are one of those couples, Lake Tahoe offers one of the most beautiful and welcoming destinations for your big day. Below we have some great tips for those of you planning a winter wedding, even if it is not in Tahoe!

Stay Warm!

Gorgeous snowflakes falling around you and your beloved while you say your vows make for the perfect wonderland setting, but snow is cold and can quickly change your “I Dos” to chattering teeth.

One of the best ways to combat the cold during your vows is with cozy layers that show your winter style. We love the idea of pairing traditional wedding attire faux fur wraps and fun fur topped winter boots.

Some couples go for a full Tahoe winter look and trade in the dress and suit for winter ski and snowboard gear!

Have an Adventure Wedding and Hit the Slopes!

Are you and your fiance’ thrill seekers or enjoy a more active lifestyle?

Why not take full advantage of our great ski slopes and get married doing one of your favorite activities?

Did you know you could get married “on the hill”? You can!

Be Flexible

Lake Tahoe winters are some of the most beautiful in the world but they can also be unpredictable. Light snow can turn into blizzards in an instant up here.

Make sure you your wedding plans can be adjusted if weather gets too stormy by renting a chapel or moving to the next day. Most of our Tahoe storms leave us with beautiful bluebird powder days if you can wait for the storm to pass!